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Arrive and depart on a cruise in Italian or German ports without having to carry heavy weights, with luggage delivered directly to your cabin. INSAM EXPRESS offers an on-time and reliable luggage transport service to and from ITALIAN AND GERMAN PORTS DIRECTLY TO YOUR CABIN ON THE SHIP. This luggage service from your home to the ship is designed specifically for passengers who appreciate the convenience, have many pieces of luggage, or have problems with transporting their luggage. From your home directly to the ship and vice versa.

Delivery times to Venice Harbor
Working days
From Alto Adige to Venice Harbor
From Italy to Venice Harbor
From Germany to Venice Harbor
From Austria to Venice Harbor

Please make sure that the items are easy to identify by using the ship's original label so that luggage can be delivered to the right ship and to your cabin.

Luggage insurance is included!

We guarantee that your luggage will be delivered 1 day prior to embarkation.

We use a transport notice to notify the respective ship owner organiser about your luggage.

Since we are in permanent contact with ships, your luggage will be checked here as well. Transport is guaranteed without any handling operations. Central luggage deposit with attendant. We accept items weighing up to 25 kg.

Please provide us with the following information:
- Name and address
- Ship name, Port, City
- Cruise number and cabin number
- Cruise departure time and number of luggage items
- Pick-up time, Home address, Date
- Delivery time Ship arrival time Date
- Return trip required, Yes/No Date Time
- Payment method

On the day of arrival or departure, our workers will deliver luggage directly to the ship's reception or to the luggage deposit manager. We wish you a pleasant. and light trip.

Via Trebinger 18
I-39046 Ortisei (BZ)
Tel. (0039) 0471 79 61 10
Fax (0039) 0471 79 61 09
E-Mail: info@insamexpress.it